To learn important life lessons in a community based club where you can develop not only your soccer skills but also lifelong friendships.


With Shooting Stars you can...

  • Establish long lasting friendships and buddies for MS & HS

  • Learn lifelong lessons like discipline, teamwork, leadership, and perseverance

  • Create lifelong memories

  • Play competitive travel soccer with friends

  • Unique bonding experience with stay away tournaments

  • Ability to give back & learn leadership skills

He're what some of the HS Seniors that played for Shooting Stars for many years had to say...

“Shooting Stars taught me that most things in life don't come easy, but there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't try to achieve your goals.  I kept playing Shooting Stars because I saw how passionate my friends were about soccer, and I knew if I practiced as hard as they did, one day I would figure out how to become better at the sport I loved so much. This lesson is one I use every day at school."
- Andrew, HS Senior, 8 years in GRSS


“From joining this Shooting Stars team I was able to develop friendships that helped me through middle school. For most people, middle school is a tough time, but with the friendships that I had made from being part of this team, I had never felt that I was struggling. I had made many good friends that would stay by my side throughout High School. Sport of soccer taught me discipline, teamwork, and most importantly perseverance.“
- Abby, HS Senior


Teamwork, service and leadership are life skills I learned as a Shooting Star. These stayed with me through high school. Shooting Stars programs like Top Soccer expose countless young Shooting Stars to service and leadership, and that can change the world."
- Sarah, HS Senior, 10 years in GRSS


"By playing on GRSS team, I was able to gain many things that many people do not have. The connection I created with my teammates and coaches, leadership skills and communication skills. My teammates and I still hold a very close bond to this day. I cannot appreciate how much this club has done for me.
- Takero, HS Senior, 10 years in GRSS


“Being a Shooting Star taught me how to be selfless, to work with others and help a team grow and achieve together. Being a Shooting Star introduced me to people I love, the friends that I otherwise would have missed. Shooting Stars also brought me the gifts of discipline, joy, friendship, the ability to learn from mistakes, and the understanding that many people must work together for an organization to be successful. These are lessons I will take with me."
- Molly, HS Senior, 7 years in GRSS

“As a young athlete, soccer allowed me to flourish. Not only did I better my athleticism, but I also created long-lasting relationships with teammates and coaches through the Shooting Stars organization. I bonded with friends on muddy Faber Field, and I grew faster and stronger under the direction of my coaches and trainers. It was through this organization that I fell in love with healthy competition and a passion for the sport.“

- Sara, HS Senior, 6 years in GRSS

"Shootings Stars has taught me to be fair, honest, and to exhibit good sportsmanship. Working together, as part of a team, to achieve a common goal on the field prepared me with the skills needed to be successful in the classroom as well."
- Zach, HS Senior, 13 years in GRSS