Boys & Girls Teams

Teams are formed by birth year (in accordance with US Soccer) and all players must try out to be placed on a team. We typically have two teams per age group and most kids who try out make a team.


All of our competitive youth soccer travel club teams practice 2x per week and run by a certified TSD trainer. 

During the Fall, boys games are on Saturday and girls on Sunday. Our team plays in a league-wide Columbus Day tournament and most teams will play in other tournaments.


Each player receives a personalized uniform. 


The format for team play is as follows:


  • 4v4 (no goalie): born in 2014 (spring)

  • 7v7: born in 2011-2013

  • 9v9: born in 2009-2010

  • 11v11: born in 2008 or later


*format is for the 2020-2021 season - format shifts every year.