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Presidents Christen Faber Turf

Andy Gibs (VP), Delcan Daly (past-president) and Jon Hendl (president) all celebrated the opening of the Faber Turf Field with a full slate of GR Shooting Stars games. All three were integral in bringing the project to life, with Daly heavily involved during the first run at the field with Game On Glen Rock and Hendl and Gibs leading the latest movement to bring the project to life.

"During my very first meeting as president, I asked the coaches what we want to accomplish as a club and there was Gibs in the front row saying - fix Faber field. From that point forward, the club made it our mission to drive the issue and get it done. We did and now we are looking forward to future GR Shooting Stars players being able to use this jewel of a field for training and games," said Hendl.

GR Shooting Stars has been the most vocal sports organization supporting the field, and thanks to the commitment from players, parents, coaches and the board, the club was able to help convince the town to transform the field into a safe, year-round playing option for kids in any sport.

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