Tryout Registration Now Open for the 2018-2019 Season

Glen Rock Shooting Stars Soccer Club announces that registration is now open for the 2018-2019 season. Tryouts will take place during the week of April 30th during our normal training sessions (for all age groups except players born in 2011).

All players interested in being evaluated for next year's teams must register via Community Pass. If you are not enrolled in Community Pass OR if you are having issues signing up, please contact us at GRSHOOTINGSTARS@GMAIL.COM. In the subject line, please include the words TRYOUT followed by your child's gender and birth year (e.g., TRYOUT, Girl, 2005).

Players Born in 2011. Players born in 2011 will participate in a separate tryout from other players. This tryout will take place at Glen Rock High School on May 6 between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. More details will follow once these players register.

Existing Players. Existing players will be evaluated during their normal training sessions. Existing players MUST STILL REGISTER in Community Pass prior to April 30.

New Players.  Any new player who wants to be considered for an existing GRSS team must come to the training sessions starting the week of April 30. A player must start with the lowest level team in that age group. If appropriate they will be asked to train during a subsequent session with the red team. We will hold the week of May 7 in the event that we need to see players more than once or there are issues with kids getting to the sessions. Once you register, we will provide you with the time and dates for your child's age group. Tryouts will take place on a Wed/Fri or Tue/Thur schedule depending on the existing team's training schedule.

Playing on an Older Team. Any player interested in being evaluated for an older age group needs to put it in writing to the board prior to April 23 via email Please include the words OLDER TEAM in the subject line and include the child's gender and birth year (e.g., OLDER TEAM, BOY, 2008). Any requests received after April 23 will not be considered.

Tryout Location. All tryouts other than for 2011 players will take place at Faber Field on Doremus Avenue 

Format. Teams will play games in the Fall Season (Sept-Nov) and Spring Season (Mar-June), along with possible training during the winter. Teams are trained by a professional trainer and assigned a parent to serve as the coach and manager of the team. The club attends a tournament over the Columbus Day weekend and additional tournaments are possible on a team-by-team basis. Registration costs will be similar to fees from previous seasons. Team fees are determined near the beginning of each season. If selected, players will need to register for their team to indicate their acceptance.