GRSS Spring Championship Teams Announced
Adds to Winners of Fall Flights

We are happy to announce the following NCSA Flight winners for the Spring Season:

  • 2010 Boys Red 
  • 2009 Boys Red
  • 2009 Boys White
  • 2007 Boys Red (EDP Team)
  • 2008 Girls Black

This builds on our successful fall season where the following teams also won their flight:

  • 2010 Girls Red
  • 2009 Boys Black
  • 2005 Boys Red

Lastly, the following teams won their entire age group in the NCSA Cup

  • 2008 Girls Red (Fall Champions)
  • 2010 Boys Red (Spring Champions)

We were also one of only 4 clubs in the entire league who had no coaches receive a card during the Spring Season.

Congratulations to all teams and players for such a successful season!