Travel Program

The goals of our travel team tryout and selection process are to ensure that all players receive a fair opportunity to join a team of their peers possessing similar skill levels and to put the most competitive GRSS team on the field at all age levels.

The number of teams formed at each age group will be determined by the number of qualified players which will enable GRSS to field the most competitive teams possible. Teams will be formed based upon skill level. There is no guarantee that a second or third team will be formed in a given age group. The tryout process and selection is designed to provide guidance to the club when forming teams. However tryouts are not the only criteria considered when evaluating players. The criteria the club will consider for player selection include: 1. Tryout evaluation 2. Performance from the recently completed season (if applicable) 3. Athleticism 4. Attitude 5. Commitment to the team. 6. Positional considerations (i.e. Goalie or fullback needed). There is no specific weighting to any of the above criteria. Tryouts in any sport are not an exact science; therefore final team selection is at the discretion of the Board of the GRSS in consultation with trainers and coaches. The tryout process has been designed solely for the club to select players for the next Fall/Spring seasons. The results or placing of players based upon this evaluation is for internal club use only and will not be made public. There will be no written or verbal evaluation given any player or parent. If your child is invited to a team below the level your family was expecting, please encourage them to make the best of the situation and use the upcoming year to be the best player on that team. There are always "bubble players" who could go either way, but may be better served getting more minutes on a lower flighted team than being the last off the bench in a higher one. The GRSS is a competitive travel program which requires a full year commitment. If your child is not invited to a GRSS team, please encourage them to play recreational soccer. The Glen Rock Soccer Club offers a great fall program which can help players improve their soccer skills.

Tryouts (mainly run by TSD) are held every spring for the following season (September-June). Attendance at tryouts is mandatory for all interested children. Teams train two days a week for 90 minutes each session and are invited to attend weekly skills and goalkeeping training sponsored by the club. They will play approximately 10 games in the Fall season (Sept – Nov) and 10 in the Spring season (March – June). All Shooting Stars teams will be playing in a Columbus Day weekend tournament. Additional tournaments are possible as each team sees fit.

The cost of Glen Rock Shooting Stars Soccer Club is composed of two separate fees: Club Fee and an additional Team Fee.

Club Fee The Club fee for the Fall and Spring season will be $375 and can only be paid via credit card. This fee is only one portion of the expense of Shooting Stars and will be payable upon notification of being selected for a team. This initial fee is intended to cover league registration fees, Club sponsored events including special skills and goal keeper sessions & clinics, one Club Sponsored Fall Tournament game day trainers (up to limit), insurance, field rental, lining & improvements, field light rental, supplies and administrative expenses. Uniforms must be purchased in addition to these fees.

Team Fees Each team will incur additional costs of approximately $600 per player (total for Fall and Spring). Teams that play in leagues other than Northern Counties will incur higher costs. The variation in team costs is due to many factors including, the size of the roster, usage of paid trainers, number of tournaments entered and other team specific activities (such as winter training). Off season activities are expected to be voluntary.

Financial Hardship A player will not be denied participation based on financial hardship. If finances are a concern, please contact the GRSS President, Jon Hendl.